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M4 Blood Elf by Crazymeau M4 Blood Elf by Crazymeau

M4 Blood Elf by Crazymeau

/ / / ©2009-2015 Crazymeau
Woo hoo! My very first published character pack!!!

You can get it for FREE at this here link;

[link] product_info&cPath=77& products_id=382

It's a blood elf, based on World of Warcraft's belfs of course. It is for Daz's M4 and there are links on the page for the eyebrow props by fisty, also free. There is also a link for Cybrea's Silvermoon pack, which is a female blood elf (pictured here hanging off the belf hehe) and the ear morphs work for M4 as well. The hair and clothing props aren't included BUT, the M4 belf's clothes are actually his second skin o.0 baha :P

The background is a panarama I made from screenshots of Silvermoon so if you want it, let me know and I'll send it to you.

So yeah... haha I'm pretty bloomin' excited about it, meself!

Download it, now! hehe.
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DemyxsSitarGirl Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hello, ive long been a fan of your work since i had the pleasure of reading exile in azeroth a year ago or so. coming back to aff after many months i came back to your stories, finding the links you had on your page. I just finish reading the banana offensive.

(all in one sitting, its 9am and i have work in a hour or so and i didnt sleep a wink! lol)

and let me tell you, i just loved it. Id always wondered how Eraik met Erandil, and i see now Ish somewhat created the riff between Erandil and Araendir.

(sorry if i spelt those wrong tis been a long night heh)

and damn right imma read the rest of them, i love how you make your characters, i like how Erandil takes after his parents so much. (its no wonder hes messed up XD)

and there was so many parts of the story that had me laughing or gasping when i figured something out.

you truely have a talent for writing, i admire that, i think i only saw perhaps one mistake in the whole thing.

eagerly awaiting more of your story Exile in azeroth, its currently my fave altho that may change when i read your other stories. and what happened to Cael? A idiot's tale is many years in the future i gather and thats been bugging me for quite some time now.

you got some bitchin art work as well <3

thanks for taking the time to bare with my terrible typing right now (^^;)

|| Onissa-Chan ||
Crazymeau Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh no hahaha I hate all nighters! Hope you went ok at work with no sleep you poor bugga! And thanks heaps for letting me know what you think of my work. My head is swollen now haha. I'm working on EIA as soon as I finish Idiot and thankfully, that looks like it's gonna be soon. I'm on a bit of a roll at the moment lol. Cael ends up with Mehlar in EIA but me thinks he is going to be making a bit of a disturbing appearance after Idiot, when I get to writing about Northrend :O Aerandir and Eraik are gonna have to be on their toes lol.

And glad you like my art! I'm just starting to get it to a place where I'm happy with it myself lol. So yeah, thanks again for dropping me a note, and such a good one hehe! :D
DemyxsSitarGirl Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
=O mehlar?! your shitting me, that bastard gets his way no! k now im officailly dying to read it to see how u make it turn out. dont read my crappy fanfiction here x.x ive wrote better ones on imo, my names Onissa-chan there. and thanks for teh llama i loves dem <3

*cough* i pulled a sick day :P XD
Crazymeau Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL! You are bad! But yeah, Mehlar manages to sneak up on Cael in but he always secretly loves Eraik more. I"m nearly finished Idiot (thank God!) so I'll get to Exile after that lol. And thanks for the heads up for your work! I love finding new stuff to read and I have another persons work to check out on FF (is that it? lol argh, my memory is so bad!) too so as soon as I get some time I have two new stories to look forward to reading! Whoo hoo!

And yw about the Llama, they rock hey hahaha!
DemyxsSitarGirl Featured By Owner May 1, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok finally finished forsaken tale, took a while been busy with life and killing Sarufang xD first off id like to say the epilogue made me cry, D: i loved brylla, she was so... her, i felt like she was somone id known for a long time.

theres a few things tho that didnt make sense to me though maybe its cause i read the stories in the wrong order.

Earik does mehlar, uh wth, it was hot, but if it did happen b4 exile then why did he freak out in exile about being gay and not telling the other paladins, and if its after, doesnt he dislike mehlar?

in exile Erandil and Earik met Brylla, since she dies in forsaken, im assuming exile was b4 forsaken but she doesnt seem to remember ever meeting them, or the fact that Erandil can speak common. nor do they remember her. i would of thought atleast Earik would of.

dont get me wrong, i loved your stories, just thought id point out somethings to you, i know youve prolly re-written them over a bazillion times and maybe forgot some stuff and thats why it seemes confusing to me.

finished idiot as well, and started on your newest story n.n very nice job, i adore Erandil not being such a complete douche bag when hes in the presence of Morag. and i hope things work out for Jyll.

you need some half elf and pally pron in ur next chappy stat! XD i mean hes been gone so long looking for Jyll, haha their so my fave couple <3

hope to see more from you, dont work your self to death though girl, damn i lose the internet for a week and you suddenly finished idiot, it was a very happy day indeed lol

|| Demyxssitargirl ||
Crazymeau Featured By Owner May 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww I'm so glad you liked Brylla, I really liked her too actually I think she is one of my favourite female characters. She's really unassuming and pretty brave I think. I mean, she is terrified for most of the story but she still forces herself to keep going. That's pretty courageous I think but anyway, I could be biased haha.

And thanks heaps for picking things up too, it's really helpful. You're right, I have re-written the stupid things that many times I get mixed up hahaha. So yeah, Forsaken comes between Exile and Idiot. I wrote Forsaken way before I wrote Exile though (wrote it after Idiot too, actually haha), which is why there was no recognition between Erandil and Brylla. I think that if I were going to re-write it (which I'm not...please God, don't let me obsess anymore :(( haha)I'd make it that she didn't recognise him because he was a high elf the first time he met her and a blood elf the second. I don't know why he wouldn't recognise her though either, Id have to think about that one... and yeah, the language thing. Especially after the first story, Erandil really, REALLY hates humans so he refuses to speak common so if I re-wrote it (pray pray pray I dont!) I'd probably make that he refused to speak common to Brylla. And yeah! Eraik and Mehlar reowr! hahaha that was a little bit of a treat for me, two beefcakes having at it hahah, nice! So yeah, another problem with writing backwards haha. But anyway, to the point, Mehlar and Eraik. See they are both blood elves in the Forsaken and in the story I will eventually write between Exile and Forsaken, one of the big things I want to look at is how the high elves turned into blood elves. I mean, especially the paladins. Up until Arthas blew up the Sunwell they followed the light, then in BC they kidnapped what is essentially an angel, chained him up under their city (in the same place they kept their leper gnome slaves, poor lil mites lol)and sucked the light from him to power their paladin ways lol. So they are really like fallen paladins. They really aren't nice people hey, the blood elves hahaha. They even kicked the other high elves out of Silvermoon who didn't want to suck the mana from demons, even though they were their people until they turned into blood elves. I kind of imagine that kind of thing would split families and everything but they did it without remorse. So to my way of thinking, most of them would definitely have had an attitude where they didn't care what anyone else thought of them, and if anyone had anything to say they'd smite their butts - which is pretty much exactly the opposite to what Mehlar and Eraik (and all high elves paladins especially) would have been like when they followed the light. Eraik is going to go through a really bitter, disillusioned phase in the story between Exile and Forsaken but by the time he hooks up with Mehlar, he's kind of at peace with himself again. He definitely doesn't care about making waves the way he did in Exile. That was the inexperienced young elf thing in him where he didn't want to cause problems for Erandil by offending the human paladins who he thought were fundies (or fanatics or something haha!). By the time Idiot comes around he is starting to find his way back to where he was and is a little more 'settled'. In the story (still in my head) set in WoTLK times, he will be back to where he was in Exile because in the latest expansion I think the Naru the belfs were sucking dry in BC got kidnapped by Kael (thas? whatever his name is, the belf prince anyway) so the belf paladin order is trying to find a new source of light to draw on, and I can't remember why but I got the impression the new source would be a little more above board. So yeah. Right or wrong, I can't think of belfs (lore wise anyway) in BC as anything more than magic addicted, angel kidnapping, leper gnome slavers haha. I mean, understandable, they feel they got betrayed by the Alliance and nearly their entire population was wiped out by the scourge (I think lore wise that less than 10% of the high elves survived so that is a lot of sorrow and grief). Their Sunwell, the source of just about everything they are was absolutely annihilated, their city was almost razed and they were forced to make tough decisions (splitting their people up) so yeah, I think Eraik and ERandil would be a little pissy lol.

Anyway, back to the present! I'm working on the ERaik/Aerandir lurve too. It's all good with these older stories. They are already written, I just basically have to post them lol. Things will slow down again once I get to the new ones...

Argh, when will I ever get over this obsession? :(( lol. Thanks heaps for reading and bringing the little discrepancies to my attention. It really helps and no doubt one day when I obsess again and re-write them, I'll already have a head start on what to fix haha. thanks again, ya rock !
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